Quiet time with kids

One thing I’ve struggled with since having Curly Haired Baby is quiet time. Before I could find a few minutes in the morning to read and study the Bible, or at night if I missed it in the morning. Now that’s a lot more challenging!

Here is a link to a guest post on Biblicalwomanhood about this very subject. It’s excellent.

And here is Stacy McDonald’s take on it. I think she has it right!

Personally, what I do for quiet time can vary a lot. Curly Haired Husband often works a swing shift, so the days he is up and eating breakfast when we are, he and I usually have our study time together during breakfast. This is my favorite because we can read and discuss it together. Curly Haired Baby either eats or sits with us, too. (Usually…) On other days, I’ll try to read during my breakfast. Often I’ll put in a Praise Baby dvd for Curly Haired Baby while I’m studying. That way, she’s at least hearing Christian music. She’ll usually recognize the songs when she hears them at church later. If none of this works, I’ll try to read at night. I really prefer to start my day off reading the Bible, but when I read at night, it’s a nice ending to the day, too.

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