Modesty Monday

I’ve decided to make Mondays Modesty Day here on my blog. (If there’s already a Modesty Monday somewhere, sorry, I’m not stealing your idea, I just don’t have time to Google.) So today I thought I’d share some general sites on modesty. (And no, technically it’s not Monday yet. Deal with it.)

This is Wendy Shalit’s site for “Girls Gone Mild”, which I hope to be reviewing soon. It’s an excellent look at the “modesty movement” in our culture. Shalit also wrote “A Return to Modesty”, also a great read. This site is geared more towards older (high school) girls and college-age women.

Here, a post on whether modesty today is actually do-able. The blogger also has an interesting list of dress requirements from Bob Jones University. I’ve heard many times how strict Bob Jones is, but, like the blogger, I actually thought these were pretty reasonable.

That will have to do it for now. Hopefully, I’ll have more time next week to put together more resources!  The first words of each sentence is the link. For some reason, it doesn’t look clickable, but it is!

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  1. Modesty Monday-

    Great idea!

    As a modest clothing designer modesty is an important value to me…great post!


  2. I have noticed my own maturity affecting how I dress. Thank you for starting Modesty Mondays. I look forward to reading more ways to be modest myself and also teach the importance to my children.

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