A Review–“Sew Everything Workshop”

First off, let me say that I’ve only been sewing for about a year. And my practice comes in between caring for a toddler, so I usually have to sew in short bursts of time. This book is great for that. It’s got tons of info and is very user-friendly. I was able to sew several of her projects right away, with no trouble and they came out looking great. I’ve tried several do-it-yourself sewing books and most were boring or unhelpful. “Sew Everything Workshop” by Diana Rupp is not.

This book comes with pattern pieces which are supposed to have more info that the usual patterns, but honestly, I haven’t made it that far yet. (Sorry.) I’ve just been doing the non-pattern projects. If you’ve never used a machine, this might be a little too advanced, but I’ve only had a few classes and felt it was right at my level. (For reference, I can easily read and follow a pattern, do buttonholes, and put in a zipper. Sleeves and collars give me more trouble. What does that make me, intermediate beginner, maybe?)

I will warn you, though, the author is a little unorthodox. I’m not wild about the “What Would Martha Do?” references, and some of the language could be cleaned up. The project names aren’t exactly to my liking, either. (Naughty Secretary Skirt, for example.) So be aware of this. That said, the info and explanations of projects are excellent.

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