Works For Me Wednesday–Better Brown Rice

WFMWOkay, so I’m trying to eat healthier. Trying is the operative word here. Curly Haired Husband will eat just about anything, but neither of us likes plain brown rice. Or at least not the way I cook it. So I started adding just a little bit of low sodium soy sauce as I cook it. It tastes so much better! And I figure the brown rice part balances out the soy sauce part. So it’s like a neutral food.

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Where Have All the Housewives Gone?

Recently I attended a bridal shower for a relative. Out of fourteen women, I was the only one home with my child. Most of the attendees were teachers. The older ladies eagerly discussed retirement and how bad their working lives were. The younger ladies, including the bride, were just starting out in their careers and surely couldn’t have been encouraged by that.

I found myself with absolutely nothing to talk about. I had nothing in common with any of them. I was asked by an older lady if I worked. When I replied that I stayed home with my baby daughter, she asked if I enjoyed it. I said I did, but sometimes missed my lunch break. She immediately reassured me that soon my Curly Haired Baby would be in school and I could go back to work. At this point, my mom spoke up and said excitedly, “She’s going to homeschool.” The silence was deafening.

Yes, I realize that these were teachers, whose jobs depend on people not homeschooling, but really. They had just discussed how bad the schools were, how much they hated their jobs, how they wished they could retire, etc. Yet, they’re totally threatened by homeschooling and someone doing something considered “counter cultural.”

It’s depressing to me that I have nothing in common with anyone I encounter in Real Life. I know other SAHMs. They’re all talking about how much they can’t wait to get back to work. I know other Christian women. They’re not much encouragement. Where are the Titus 2 ladies? Oh, wait, they’re at work. I believe in being a helpmeet (not a doormat, a helpmeet) to my husband, to being a full-time, at-home mama to my kids, dressing modestly, and living frugally. My house isn’t spotless and my kid isn’t perfect (although my Curly Haired Husband is pretty cute). I’m not Supermom and I don’t want to be. I just want to have something in common with someone!

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