A Review of “What Would Jesus Eat?”

I just finished reading “What Would Jesus Eat?” by Don Colbert. I gotta say, the title really turned me off.  I don’t like all the “WWJD” stuff. It’s one thing to think about what Jesus would do in a situation, but to market it so is what bothers me. And it’s so easy for nonbelievers to make fun of. I’ve seen “What Would Scooby Do” and “What Would Martha (Stewart) Do” stuff. All the WWJD stuff was popular when I was in youth group and, invariably, it was worn by kids who definitely weren’t thinking or practicing what Jesus would do.

But I digress…I’m not totally sure why I picked up this book. I’m trying to focus on eating healthier and someone recommended it to me as being more “doable” than “The Maker’s Diet.” I did not see this to be the case, though. While this book has a lot of good info if you’re completely ignorant of healthy eating, it didn’t offer much if you already knew the  bascis. Also, there was very little info about the science behind things and some of it was faulty. For instance, the author states that aerobic exercise is the best of all. Well, I have a degree in exercise physiology and I know that is not the case. Aerobic exercise is great and necessary, but so is strength training. One is not better than the other.

And just because Jesus ate something, does that mean we should automatically eat it? Jesus wore sandals; does that mean we should wear sandals, too? I also don’t know how Colbert can say what Jesus’ favorite food was. How does he know? And again, I think that’s like saying what Jesus’ favorite day of the week was. Interesting, but not really relevant.

The thing that bothered me the most was the lack of info on how to follow the diet. It could have used some recipes and some realistic lifestyle changes. I understand his point; maybe this is ideal. But we can’t all afford this diet and you have to work with people where they are. It would be great if everyone in America had a gym membership and worked out regularly. But we don’t. So we need to find strategies that work where we are. I wish there’d been a little more of these in the book.

I can’t really recommend this book because I didn’t like it. I think there are far better diet books on the market. It’s an interesting read if you approach it from the perspective of what did Jesus really eat, but as a realistic diet, I think “The Maker’s Diet” is better.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing this book! I have the same opinion as you on the WWJD stuff, and I am also interested in eating and living in a more healthy way. Now I wish you would review “The Maker’s Diet” for me, but I suppose this blog is not just for me. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I do plan to review it soon, I just have to recheck it from the library! 🙂

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