You are being watched….

Curly Haired Husband and I have been attending a new church the past few months. We’ve really enjoyed it, but one lady in particular has caught my attention. She’s everywhere; working in the nursery, singing solos, greeting people. She’s very friendly and seems very nice. However, that’s what made me realize how important it is as Christians to be polite in all situations, not just church. I knew this, but this lady brought the point home to me.

A couple of years ago, before I had Curly Haired Baby, I was the manager of a local business. My first day on the job, this lady from church called and blessed me out about something the previous manager had done. Then she hung up on me. I was polite to her (it was my first day!) but I had no idea what she was even talking about. She called back, wanting preferential treatment and for me to pull some strings for her. I explained it was my first day and I’d have to talk with the owners because I lacked that authority. This made her so mad she came down to the shop and tried to intimidate me in person. (It didn’t work.) After that, she wasn’t too friendly each time she was in. I dreaded her coming in because I was kind of scared of her.

Then I see her at our new church and she’s the star soloist, the happy teacher, etc. This is kind of amusing to me, but it also makes me mad. So she can be nice and friendly at church, but not to service people? She was downright rude and ugly to me, but she can be nice at church? This aggravates me, but how would this look to a nonbeliever? If I wasn’t a Christian, this episode wouldn’t make me think too highly of them.

Yes, I realize that she may have changed in the past couple of years, and maybe she was just hormonal or something. But my point is valid. We need to be aware of Who we represent at all times. We’re not just Christians on Sunday. We’re Christians every day. And yes, I’ve done things and said things that were rude, too. (More than I should have!) I’m not trying to pick on this lady. She’s just a good example of how we’re always being watched. Others are always watching to see how we handle tough situations. We need to be different from the world. This was a reminder I needed!

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