Frugal Friday–Reusing Grocery Bags

frugalfridays-754123-778598.jpg    Okay, so this might not be the most environmentally friendly thing to do, but I think it is frugal. I actually thought everyone did this. I save plastic grocery bags and use them for little trash can liners, for diaper transportations (I use cloth mostly, but they work for disposables. You don’t have to buy those little diaper trashbags), for taking stuff to a friend’s house, etc. You could also use them for doggie poop bags.

If you’re really frugal (or my grandparents) you can use them for suitcases. (This is not a joke btw-my grandparents really do use grocery bags as luggage. And they even have a nice set of luggage. They’d just rather use a Harvey’s bag. You can imagine how much I enjoyed family trips.)

A good way to store them is to stuff them down in an old Kleenex box. You can get tons of bags in one and it doesn’t take up much room.

More Frugal Friday tips are at Biblical Womanhood!

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  1. Oh, we do this too! It saves us lots of time and money!

  2. I got tickled at your “luggage” suggestion. My parents used plastic bags for short trips all the time. They would always ask if I had any “Kroger Luggage” they could borrow! I don’t know what they’d do nowadays when everything has to fit in 1 quart-sized zipper baggie at the airport! ;>

  3. Great idea for luggage, we take a lot of car trips!
    Thanks for the tip.

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