Cars vs. Kids

I’m going to rant about something here. I have a friend who has spent several years trying to have a baby. She’s had all kinds of fertility treatments and spared no expense. She and her husband recently adopted a baby. That part’s great. I’m happy for them. What aggravates me is that she’s immediately gone back to work. The baby has gone to a special “school” daycare. Because her husband bought a Mercedes.

I know there are situations where women have to work outside the home because of health, insurance, being a single mom, true financial need, etc. This isn’t one of them. They’d rather have a luxury car than their long-awaited child have his mother at home. That drives me crazy. Why are we pretending? Why don’t we just admit that a car is more important than the well-being of our children?

There are many times I don’t like being a SAHM. I miss having adult conversations; I miss not having sticky, gooey fingers on me at lunch. I get tired of cleaning up the same messes time and again. But this is what is best for my child. And I’m sure not going to trade her well-being for something as temporary as a car. I just don’t understand why someone would want something so bad and spend so much money trying to attain it, then immediately turn it over to someone else. Because let’s be honest; that’s what’s happening here. Why don’t we see that while daycare may always be necessary, it’s not the ideal? Let’s don’t fool ourselves into thinking it’s somehow better than Mom being at home with the kids. It may be necessary at times, but it’s not superior. Why don’t we see it as regretful that some mothers have to work? Why instead do we see it as regretful that some “miss out” or “fall behind” in the working world while home with their kids?

When we’re 85 years old, are we going to be telling the old ladies at bingo about how great our jobs were, or what luxury car we drove at age 30? Or are we going to be bragging on our kids? Shouldn’t that tell us what’s important?

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